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Trip Advisor Testimonial by Chris W

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I went to school in Buxton, I worked in the famous Crescent, and worked in shops, restaurants and the market, yet I'd never heard about this incredible jewel of our town until the past 10 years and only visited it for the first time 2 years ago! I happened to be studying (at Derby Uni, Buxton) with one of the cave's guides, and we were invited on a tour. Studying 'sustainable travel' (ecotourism) means I looked deeper into the machinations of the cave and how it is run today. Boasting only the 2nd showcave in the UK to have LED lighting throughout the cave, the electricity savings for the caves have been astronomical.... but better than that, the illumination the lights give in the cave is just a pure delight.

Run by the town's Civic Association, they excel in the constant approval of the business, and offer much much more than just a walk through a cave. The guides - many of them fellow students - are passionate and knowledgeable about their product, and you are left with a sense of wonder. Locally made produce in the visitor's shop reinforces the principles of 'sustainability' for small communities which have a tourism product. The cafeteria area supplies food made on site, and in a lovely, modern environment, and there's play areas for the children once the tour is done. All souvenirs, food and local products are affordably priced, and this is an important point for me. We all like to have a memoir of our trips and visits but get put off by the exorbitant prices - but it's not like that at Poole's Cavern, no.

An addition bonus whilst visiting the area, is that directly above the cave, at ground level, is Solomon's Temple, which overlooks the landscape of the High Peak for many miles. Under the temple was found a neolithic grave, and which findings - including a skull - are on display in the education/entrance area before you get taken to the cave. Open every day bar Christmas Day, this little jewel in the high hills is a must-see whilst visiting Buxton - The Peak District - Derbyshire.

Submitted by Chris W. Visited in April 2016. 5/5 Rating.